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I love doing what I do and when you do too!

Ron Morris

Ron Morris Connections

“Working with Johanna is intuitive and sensitive. She has a remarkable sense that projects healing alternatives, and backs them with research and discovery. Johanna has helped me navigate, thru her professional and compassionate guidance, in finding solutions that have a profound effect.”

Karin Lubin

Ed.D. Quantum Leap Coaching

“I took a massage intensive with Johanna where I learned some fabulous massage techniques as well as deeply saw how masterful Johanna is in her body work, her studies of the body and mind, and her applications of different therapies to address a particular issue all wrapped into her practice that she shares so easily with all her clients. I was awed.”

Randy Crutcher

Ed D. Quantum Leap Coaching

“I had a truly amazing experience in which Johanna was able to go to the source of an emotional issue and block I could not shake, move that energy out of my body with her healing hands and restore me to a place of peace and equanimity.”

Francesca Preston

Grafista, francescapreston.com

“Johanna Atman’s hands are like sensitive antennae, picking up signals that I myself am sometimes slow to receive. She works in a humble and intuitive manner, meeting people where they are ready to be met, I think. In sessions with her I have felt that the wings on my back were opening, tough hard spots blooming, and a deep calm inviting me down from the shallower everyday anxiety. I would recommend her to anyone.”