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Johanna Atman Whole Life Therapies Owner

Call me: (209) 728-1109

My mission with Whole Life Therapies is to hold a space for anyone to experience more of who they are – to be and love yourSelf!

As a young person I really wanted to know what my life purpose was. What I offer with WLT is all that I found useful along the way, all in one place, tailored to you

..we are self-supporting organisms….our cells organize around a life principle or purpose… it comes from the inside out.”

There’s the belief that people can’t just be who they are and get away with it… dis-ease results from not realizing your gift is to be you… fully, freely, fearlessly.

“I want people to leave the session feeling there’s nothing they have to add to be good enough. It is more like allowing the layers of protection to fall away, to reveal the beauty in the stone.”

“I found that real change happens individually and through the body, not from a concept of the mind.”

“Relationships can be dynamic works of art…a place of our greatest creativity and vehicles for transformation.”
“Spirituality is broader to me than a religion. It may encompass all of them, or even none.”

“Everything is a frequency. I’ve come to realize whether it is an emotion, a flower essence, working with light and color, speaking a word, breathing, the pathway to healing involves energetic frequencies.”


  • Doctorate of Philosophy Summit University,
  • 1998 Certifications in Transformational Bodywork, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Esogetic Colorpuncture, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy Bodywork, Reiki.
  • Studies include: Voice Dialogue, Vipassana Meditation, Active Meditation, Rosen Method, Imagery, Flower Essences, Goddess Religion (Ordained Priestess 1992).
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Pennsylvania 1964