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Classes & Workshops

Life Changing Experiences

Classes & Workshops

“Check out the listing of cutting-edge workshops, 6 week series and year long program.“


Passion, Purpose and Possibilities Workshop – a 3 hour workshop with a fun, impactful and effective process for you to discover your top 5 passions and how to align your life with what matters most to you. $75.


Awakening Your Healing Powers

6 week series with ACTIVE  Meditation Tuesday evenings 5:30-7PM. Within in the scientific and spiritual context of “the healer within” you learn a specific and powerful tool each week for grounding, healing, incomes and outcomes. Healing from the inside/out, you become familiar with how to work with your own personal energy system. $90.



Listen To our Body Signals and Activate Your Dreams for Healing

learn a profound new way to understand the meaning of different zones of the body and self-care treatments with a special wild-crafted herbal oil to also activate dreams to access inner guidance.  4hr. class with full workbook, includes the herbal essential oil ($28 value). $127.00
Sound Therapies – Coming soon!



Wheel of the Year

Experience the power of the Circle and Ceremony for deepening your relationship with yourself, each other and the Earth, in community.  Following the cycles of Nature, this year long schedule includes eight circles for the equinoxes, solstices and mid-points. For more detailed information, contact Johanna.



Women’s Spirit Group

6 week series. Join a circle, experience shared community that supports your own personal and spiritual growth, and each other ‘s. You will learn many processes and tools for your personal empowerment including special meditation tools, techniques for clearing whatever is in your way (EFT), fun and impactful exercises and processes that support self-exploration and empowerment to be more of who you already are!  Contact me for specific dates 5:30-7:00PM weekday evening, $90.


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