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Massage Therapy, Integrative Bodywork and Powerful Processes for Healing and Personal Growth.

Massage Therapy & Integrative Bodywork

The Power of Touch

“The body is a portal into the being that inhabits it.“ Whether you choose a relaxing yet energizing massage therapy & integrative bodywork session , or a deeper bodywork session, each session is

CranioSacral Therapy

The Power of Gentle Intention

“The CranioSacral system is a core system in the human body. It is the place where body, mind and spirit reside independently and communally at the same time.“ -John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M. Founder, The Upledger Institute   CranioSacral Therapy is deeply relaxing, subtle yet powerful in its effectiveness to address many conditions related to…

Medical Massage

The Power of Precision

Medical Massage addresses many pain conditions and work, auto and sports related injuries, using massage therapy in a specific, focused treatment targeting specific problems as prescribed by a Doctor, Chiropractor or Physical Therapist, and may be covered by insurance.

Esogetic Colorpuncture

The Power of Light

“Specifically, light is present in the communication between cells in the body, and illness occurs when the cells can no longer speak the same language. Giving light to the body has a resonance effect, bringing cells into the same language again, and thus supporting the body’s natural healing process.” — Dr. Peter Mandel, Originator of…

Flower Essences & Essential Oils

Consultation & Special Blends

“All the different flowers have a language… each flower an energy… it’s shape, its color has a frequency and gift of healing. With drops of a flower essence, you’re taking in the vibration of a flower, and it’s connecting with that vibration in you.“   Flower essences are herbal infusions, made from the flowering part…

Classes & Workshops

Life Changing Experiences

Passion, Purpose and Possibilities Workshop – a 3 hour workshop with a fun, impactful and effective process for you to discover your top 5 passions and how to align your life with what matters most to you. $75.

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Karin Lubin

Ed.D. Quantum Leap Coaching

“I took a massage intensive with Johanna where I learned some fabulous massage techniques as well as deeply saw how masterful Johanna is in her body work, her studies of the body and mind, and her applications of different therapies to address a particular issue all wrapped into her practice that she shares so easily…