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How do I know what will be best for me?

You can call for a phone consultation and we would decide together the best support for your personal goals. Often, I use a combination of techniques and processes to approach your issue from many angles or different levels.


How do I know if my insurance will cover this?

You can contact your insurer to see first if massage is covered at all, then, if it is, you usually need a referral from either an MD or Chiropractor who prescribes massage treatments. I am certified in Medical Massage, which is a more targeted approach to specific muscle groups and may be covered. If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you may be covered through your auto insurance. You are welcome to call me to discuss your particular situation before you proceed.


What should I expect on my first visit?

We always spend at least a few minutes talking about your needs and goals to explore options for your session based on your interests and preferences. Massage therapy is almost always a core part of the session, unless a person chooses a specific modality such as Cranio-SacralTherapy or Esogetic Colorpuncture exclusively. Most often, a session combines several approaches along with massage therapy.


What are the class sizes with the classes and workshops?

Group size can be up to 10 for most classes. Some workshops may be between 10-20.


What if I want one – one?

The Passion and Purpose workshop does have a format for one on ones and you can schedule for that in two 90 minute sessions, a week to 10 days apart. You can also learn the Mediation tools taught in the Meditation classes in an individual session.


How much time should I allow for my first session?

I generally spend some time talking with you about any particular things you want to address (approx.15min) in addition to your one hour session.
Or if you are having a 90 session, I’d still allow a little extra time.


How is a massage with integrative bodywork different from other massages I have had?

Whether you choose a relaxing massage or more in depth work that uses bodywork as a way to explore physical, emotional or spiritual issues, the experience differs from standard massage therapy in several ways: the quality of touch may be more focused and deeper, the session more dynamic, with an intention to effect change, be therapeutic, beyond relaxation in the moment.